Formerly Berkeley Food & Housing Project

Insight Housing is passionately committed to a single goal: To ensure that everyone has access to food, housing, and stability.


Years of service

75,000 +

Meals served annually


Counties served

Our mission

Ensuring everyone in our community has a home through supportive, equitable, and sustainable housing solutions.  

Our vision

We envision a world where everyone is food and housing secure and has a caring community to call home.

Our values

Insight Housing team members embrace values that guide our planning and daily interactions with clients and community partners.

Our core values are:

  • Engage Authentically
  • Act Strategically
  • Build Community
  • Respond with Respect
  • Be an Advocate
Insight grown on deep roots>

Insight grown on deep roots

In 1970, amidst the activism and energy of Berkeley, California, a small group of neighbors came together in the basement of the University of Lutheran Chapel to form The Meal Project. They cooked and served hot meals to those in need, gradually expanding their services to meet the changing needs of the community. Over the years, this humble beginning grew into what is now known as Insight Housing. With a goal to ensure food and housing security for all, we continue to build on our long history, striving towards a world where everyone has access to basic needs and a caring community. 

Great neighbors make great communities

Great neighbors make great communities

Throughout our history our ability to serve those in need has been a group effort. Donations of all kinds and volunteers are greatly appreciated, effective and allow us to pursue our mission to make a positive impact.

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