Formerly Berkeley Food & Housing Project

Some of the most common challenges faced by our clients are physical or mental disabilities, gaps in employment, and lack of education or skills. Many clients are coming from living on the streets and have been unemployed and/or unhoused for a significant period of time.

We work with clients for a full year to help them find a job and once they are employed we check in on a monthly basis for an additional year to make sure they are able to retain their employment.

Services include:

  • Resume building
  • Links to job training
  • Job search assistance
  • Interview prep

Insight Housing has played a big role in my life. They have really great people and it felt like a home away from home.

T.U., Berkeley Respite Program Client

Good neighbors make great communities

Good neighbors make great communities

Throughout our history our ability to serve those in need has been a group effort. Donations of all kinds and volunteers are greatly appreciated, effective and allow us to pursue our mission to make a positive impact.

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