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Vote for Roads Home in Sacramento

The Demas Law Group is pleased to announce that it will be donating to and promoting one charity in the Sacramento area each month. The attorneys at the firm are dedicated to helping their community thrive, so they wanted to find a consistent way to give back and offer exposure to local charities.

They also want to help citizens of Sacramento get more involved in their community, so they decided to let them do the picking. They created a form where Sacramento citizens can nominate their favorite charity, and each month, the attorneys will pick from the nominations to award one deserving charity with a cash prize of $250, as well as promotion across their social media channels.

The attorneys are especially interested in hearing more about lesser known charities that they can help promote within the community. As they explain in their own words:

“This campaign was created to expand our knowledge on the local charities in the community, and we hope that it will inform other community members too. The more we can promote and present these charity organizations, the more people we can help.”

You can vote for Berkeley Food & Housing Project/Roads Home to receive a cash donation and social media promotion by submitting your nomination using the form on this page of the Demas Law Group website. You will need to provide your name, phone number, the name of the organization, and the location of the organization. You will also need to explain why you nominated the organization, and why you think it deserves the donation. Only our Roads Home program, working with homeless veterans is eligible for this award, as that is the only program with a presence in Sacramento. You can read more about Roads Home here.

The firm looks forward to seeing what kind of charities end up winning the donation each month, and how those charities use the donation to help the Sacramento community thrive. As the firm said when interviewed about why they decided to create this initiative, “It’s simple. What you have received, you should give back.”


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