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Reginald’s Story: Veterans Transitional Housing

Reginald is a Vietnam era Army Veteran. Besides his decade of service, he’s lived in the Bay Area his whole life.

He had just started a good job at the Chase Center, when he had a stroke which left him partially paralyzed and unable to work.

“This has been nice, for real. I’m used to institutions, and I don’t want to be in that environment anymore, but this place isn’t like that.”

– Reginald, a Veterans Transitional Housing resident.

He was recovering in a VA nursing facility for nearly two years. This left him feeling very isolated. Once he was recovered enough to leave, he was eager to get back to his life, but he had nowhere to go. He heard about our Veterans Transitional Housing program from a VA case worker.

“I didn’t have any expectations about how it was going to be, I just wanted to get out of where I was. My case worker asked me if I wanted to come here, and I said yes without even knowing anything about it… since I’ve been here it’s been good. They help me out in any way I need.”

It took a little while for Reginald to adjust to life outside the medical facility. “I’d been there for two years, when I came here, it felt kind of funny because I hadn’t been around people for so long, but everyone here has been nice, and it’s been good.”

He’s currently working with a case manager to apply for a studio apartment.

“I want to rehabilitate myself so I can go back to work,” says Reginald. Other than that, he hasn’t made any plans for the future. He says the stroke took him by surprise and made him question what his future would hold. For now, he’s just grateful to have a safe and comfortable place to be until he moves onto the next chapter.


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