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Praise for Health Care Navigator, Annum Khalid

I truly believe that in many ways [this client] has Annum to thank for her life, if she had not gotten care, she would die of Breast Cancer and because of Annum’s fastidious care to her, she has another chance at life.”  

~ Marcia Chappell, Breast Care Nurse Navigator

Breast Care Nurse Navigator, Marcia Chappell of Women’s Health VA NCHCS recently reached out to us with glowing praise for our Health Care Navigator, Annum Khalid.   

Marcia was working with a client diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2021.   

“I reached out to Annum for assist because of Annum’s relationship of trust with [the client]… Whenever I have contacted Annum for assistance, she has always responded quickly, provides excellent communication, and contacts her client in a timely manner.   

Breast Cancer treatment is very complicated requiring multiple appointments from many specialty services, thanks to Annum [the client] has not missed any of her cancer appointments… with Annum’s diligence in her outside care, we are confident [the client] will be able to complete [the full course of treatment].”  

Annum is pictured here (center) with two of her former clients. 

As a Health Care Navigator in our Roads Home program, Annum provides health care specific case management to Veterans and their families, including help with accessing eligible benefits, getting to appointments, filling prescriptions, establishing home aid, and referrals to other services. 

We are thankful to have Annum on our team, and glad that she is getting the recognition she deserves.


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