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Housing for Homeless Veterans in Berkeley

Our Board of Directors has been fundraising to bring affordable housing to our Dwight Way building. Thanks to many generous donations we are close to meeting our goal, and have already been able to complete four units. See photos below.

We’re converting six rooms in our Dwight Way Center into SRO units (Single Room Occupancy). These units will provide permanent housing with wraparound support services for homeless veterans. The Center, which also accommodates a shelter and veterans’ transitional housing, offers a supportive, responsive and respectful environment. The building is ADA accessible, well maintained and has a landscaped backyard. It is located close to the downtown library, grocery stores, parks, and other neighborhood amenities – and has excellent access to public transportation. 

There are over 600 homeless veterans across Alameda County. The majority of them have a disability and are living on the streets or in places not meant for habitation. While homelessness is complex and requires a multi-faceted response, the only long-term solution to the homeless crisis, is to increase the stock of affordable permanent housing. 

BFHP will be working closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) who will provide case management and clinical services to support the vets to remain healthy and housed. 

In order to convert the rooms to studio apartments, we need $20,000 to purchase and install compact kitchen units.


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