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Honoring Juneteenth: Paving the Path to a More Equitable Tomorrow 

By ensuring everyone in our community has a home through supportive, equitable, and sustainable housing solutions, we are building a more equitable future – one brick, one home, and one neighborhood at a time. It’s not just about buzzwords like “affordable housing” or “housing crisis” – it’s about building a more equitable tomorrow.  

Our mission feels even more intentional as we approach Juneteenth National Independence Day, a pivotal moment in American history that commemorates the end of slavery. This is more than just a date in the history books. Juneteenth represents the enduring spirit of resilience, liberation, and the ongoing fight for racial equality. 

For decades, many Black Americans have felt disconnected to the July 4th Independence Day holiday since it represents America’s “freedom” from England in 1776. Yet that freedom was only for white Americans. Juneteenth National Independence Day marks the day when the last of the enslaved people in Texas learned of their freedom, a full two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This day serves as a stark reminder of the struggles faced by Black Americans, and the ongoing fight for racial equality that continues to this day. 

We observe Juneteenth National Independence Day as an official Insight Housing holiday for our staff, as we reaffirm our commitment to racial justice and equity. There will also be a special Community Meal served. We understand that honoring this day means not just acknowledging its historical significance but also ensuring that its spirit permeates the core of our organizational practices and mission. 

As we honor Juneteenth and everything it stands for, we’re reminded of four things:  

Housing: An Avenue for Change 

A home is much more than physical shelter. It’s a foundation for stability, a launching pad for opportunities, and a vehicle for social change. Affordable, safe, and secure housing creates the conditions necessary for individuals and families to prosper and communities to thrive. 

Inequality within housing has deep historical roots due to the racism and power structures in this country, and we recognize that these systemic inequities persist today.  

The fight for affordable housing is, at its core, a fight for racial justice and equity. 

Always Learning, Always Growing 

The pursuit of equity is woven into the fabric of everything we do as an organization, from our external work with clients and partners to the internal team dynamics of our staff. We understand that the journey towards a more inclusive and just society is a continuous one.  

We stand committed to regularly reviewing and refining our practices, continually seeking opportunities for progress and improved equity. In the face of entrenched systemic racism, we commit to the active, purposeful work that is required in the pursuit of justice. 

Concrete Steps towards Equality 

We take pride in actively contributing to dismantling systemic barriers within housing. We prioritize diversity, inclusion, and fairness in our operational ethos, from who we hire and collaborate with, to the communities we serve, and the partnerships we nurture. 

Our projects focus on providing affordable housing in diverse neighborhoods, and we design our homes to be inclusive spaces that cater to people of all backgrounds and needs. We believe everyone deserves the right to quality, affordable housing and the dignity that comes with it. 

Building Tomorrow Today 

Embracing Juneteenth’s spirit, we recommit ourselves to drive change within our organization and our community. We understand that building a more equitable tomorrow means taking action today. 

We invite you to join us in our mission. Whether it’s through volunteering, partnership, or spreading the word about our work, every action counts. Because we’re not just about housing, we’re building a more equitable tomorrow. 

By building homes, we’re building hope. We’re building opportunities. We’re building understanding and equality. And most importantly, we’re building a future where equity is not an exception, but the norm. 

Every day, our team is in encampments, in housing units, negotiating with landlords, and looking for the next parking lot to build the Hope Center 2.0. Every day, we pledge to continue to fight for justice, for equity, for dignity, and for all the values Juneteenth embodies. 


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