Formerly Berkeley Food & Housing Project

Donations of physical items can make a world of difference. Your donations go directly to those we serve, whether it be bulk ingredients for our Community Meal, new toiletries for our emergency housing programs, or kitchen appliances to clients moving into their new homes. It’s easy to do, too – simply visit our donations page to learn more about what items we accept and how you can get them to us. Your donation could be the thing that helps someone feel more comfortable and secure in their new home.   

Please email if you want to make a different donation or are interested in hosting a donation drive.   

Donations We're Currently Accepting

  • New men’s clothing
  • New women’s clothing
  • New/unopened hygiene products
  • Household supplies
  • BART cards
  • Artwork and home décor
  • New/unopened food
  • Gardening supplies

Order items from our Amazon Wish List to support our programs


You can donate your old vehicle to support our programs


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