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For more than half a century, our community has come together to ensure that neighbors never go hungry. Today, the need remains as real and urgent as ever.

No matter the amount, every donation pushes us closer to our $1 Million goal and powers our kitchen to continue serving meals. Your contribution can bridge the gap, ensuring that our shared vision of a world where everyone has food and housing security in a caring community they call home is one step closer.

With every meal that comes out of our kitchen, there’s a testament to the support we receive from you. You’re not just funding a meal; you’re reinforcing our mission to keep our community fed and cared for.

Your role in this mission is invaluable, ensuring our operations continue seamlessly.
Don’t wait. Let’s make every meal count.

Use the form below to donate by credit card. If you prefer to donate using stock or mutual fund shares, please email us. We are a registered nonprofit, so your donation is tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support!


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