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Chevron Shows Up for Corporate Volunteer Week

Corporate Volunteer Week is an annual event facilitated by the Contra Costa Crisis Center. Sponsored by Chevron, it is the largest volunteer program in the Bay Area. It provides an easy and unique way for corporations to strengthen their community involvement and increase employee engagement, while helping nonprofits in their community. BFHP has been participating in this event for the past several years by hosting groups of employees from Chevron Richmond to complete projects at our shelter.

This year we planned to have the group organize and inventory the storage shed at our Dwight Way Shelter. When they pulled everything out to sort, they discovered that most of the shelves in the shed were ready to collapse. Instead of just putting everything back on the floor, as we suggested, they took it upon themselves to purchase and install a whole new set of shelves!

In addition to the storage shed project, it also turned out that on that day we had a set of new bunk beds that needed to be assembled, so the group from Chevron jumped in to help our staff put together 32 bunk beds as well!

We are so grateful to all the volunteers from Chevron for their hard work and dedication! It is always wonderful to see the community come together to help ease and end the crisis of homelessness.



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