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Berkeley Food & Housing Project Announces the Promotion of Their Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer

Berkeley Food & Housing Project (BFHP) Board President Thomas Peeks announced today that BFHP’s Executive Director, Calleene Egan has been promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Egan has served as BFHP’s Executive Director since September 2019. She joined BFHP in January 2019 as Director of Programs.

Calleene has done a remarkable job leading BFHP. Under her leadership, we have more than doubled our agency budget, built an operating reserve, increased our programs, and expanded our geographic reach. All against the backdrop of COVID-19. This summer, we will open the BFHP Hope Center in Downtown Berkeley with 32 shelter beds, 12 transitional housings beds for US Veterans, and 53 units of permanent supportive housing along with an innovative integration of housing and onsite supportive services.

– Thomas Peeks, Board President

I thank Thomas and the BFHP Board for their guidance and support and for the faith they are placing in me and my great team. I believe BFHP’s greatest work is still ahead of us. Our recently developed Strategic Plan identified three main strategies to focus on: Growth, Balance, and Advocacy. With our mission and our values of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Community, and Transparency at the core of our work, these three strategies — and the plan for how to get there — will guide the decisions we make for the agency over the next three years. This will include the development of Permanent Supportive Housing to serve the most marginalized populations.

– Calleene Egan, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining BFHP, Egan served as Regional Director, Social Enterprise at Caminar. She graduated with a B.A. from California State University, Chico and earned a master’s degree from Pepperdine.

Founded in 1970, Berkeley Food & Housing Project’s mission is to ease and end the crisis of homelessness in our communities. Now operating in six counties, last year BFHP served 2,276 clients; more than half of them were U.S. Veterans. BFHP’s Community Meal program serves more than 60,000 meals annually.


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