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BFHP Stands in Solidarity

At BFHP, our core values are diversity, equality and inclusion.   

We are committed to serving one of the most vulnerable populations in our community with fairness and equity. Access to affordable housing is a fundamental human right and is one of the most prominent racial divides and inequities that we face as a society today.  It is unacceptable to us that racial prejudice and discrimination exist within our communities today and it is beyond time for significant systematic change.  

When looking at the housing disparities by race in Alameda County alone, despite making up only 11% of the general population, 47% of the 8,022 people experiencing homelessness are black.* In our Veteran’s program which provides supportive services to six northern California counties, 50% of the veterans served are people of color.**  

There is no easy solution to the affordable housing crisis, but taking action to increase access is one step in the right direction to tackling this one of many racial injustices. In order to create equitable community housing, accessibility is a must.   

BFHP pledges to continue our mission to ease and end the crisis of homelessness in our communities, serving our clients with respect and dignity and providing access to affordable housing.   

We also pledge to take action through listening, learning, recruiting, hiring, promoting, empowering and leading by example. As a part of that pledge, moving forward, we will be observing Juneteenth as a BFHP holiday, providing our colleagues with a space to grieve, heal, celebrate and take time to spend with their families.   

In these stark moments, we want to let our clients, colleagues, supporters, and friends know that you are not alone. We stand together against all injustice, and pledge to do our part in promoting a just workplace and just society.   

Black Lives Matter! Let’s get real about where we are and be part of the action and solution of where we go from here. We invite you to reach out to us if you would like to participate with us in the dialogue around housing and racial inequality. 

In solidarity,

Calleene Egan
Executive Director

* Source: Alameda County Homeless Point In Time Count, 2019 & The US Census Bureau 

**Source: 2019 HUD Annual Performance Report  


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